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About Keizer

My name is Chanan aka Keizer. I am from the Netherlands. Been streaming on Twitch since 2017. It's also the year I reached the "Affiliate" status on Twitch. Been working hard on my content to reach Twitch Partner in 2019. I love my beautiful family. My wife Anne and our proudest achievement yet: Hugo our son (december 2019)

Welcome! I started this adventure in 2018. As a variety streamer I became partnered with Twitch in 2019. I am known to riot. I love to mix humour with content and a lot of energy. My job (digital marketeer) helps me to achieve goals and build my brand. It also helps to promote brands / sponsorships in the best way possible. 

In 2019 I married the love of my life, and in 2020 we became the parents of Hugo! Since 2021 our family is completed with the birth of Jack. This did impact my content creation career as I took an extensive break. but late 2021 I picked it up again. Building my riot bar discord and providing as much content as I can over all my platforms.
Join my RIOT bar, for more personal connections with me and my community. It's filled with sweet and caring people who also enjoy dark humour.